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Gaspar/Bierman/Kolari/Smith/Taken Smith/Arreola-Risa

Online Video Labs, Student Worksheets, & Other Video Resources

CHAPTER 1 - What Is Business?

Gross Domestic Product – The Economic Lowdown Video Series #7

What is Good Business?

Who will pay for the financial fallout of the coronavirus pandemic?

Coronavirus Capitalism

CHAPTER 2 - The Environment of Business

Coca-Cola Globalization Documentary


The World Economy in 2050

How the coronavirus pandemic affects the world’s working poor

Economics of Pandemics

CHAPTER 3 - Business Governance, Ethics, and Social Responsibility

AutoNation CEO on Returning Paycheck Protection Loans

Corporations and Limited Liability

How the Pandemic Could Transform Higher Ed

How Theranos Pulled Off Its $9 Billion Scandal

Social Responsibility Perspectives: The Shareholder and Stakeholder Approach

CHAPTER 4 - Small Business and Entrepreneurship

America's Best: Radio One

SBA Resources for Women

An Introduction to SBA

Small Business Hit Hard: Cash-Strapped Owners Face Tough Choices Amid Pandemic

Startup with Heart-Hamdi Ulukaya (Chobani)

CHAPTER 5 - Managing and Organizing Business

How Starbucks Became an $80B Business

Introduction to Organizational Structure & Design

Overview of the Strategic Planning Process

Sweden’s Approach to COVID-19 Pandemic Involves No Lockdown


Why Iconic New York Steakhouse Peter Luger is Offering Delivery for the First Time In 133 Years

CHAPTER 6 - Human Resources Management

Prince Charles Urging People to “Pick for Britain”

Introduction to Human Resource Management

An Animated Introduction to Key HR Functions

Reflections on the ADA: Interview with Susanne Bruyere

1st Glimpse Inside A Meatpacking Plant As Work Continues Despite Coronavirus

What do you hope organizations learn about human resources management from the COVID-19 crisis?

CHAPTER 7 - Motivating and Leading Employees

Battle of the Theorists - Business Studies - Motivational Theorists Revision Video

Steve Jobs' Management Style - Leadership  

Top 4-Tips for Remote Working, Mindvalley

What Coronavirus Means for the Future of Work from Home

CHAPTER 8 - Marketing Basics

My Carvana Buying Experience & Review!

Netflix goes Global with Expansion into 130 new countries (Audio #1) and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings: Part 1 - Taking TV to the Internet with Jim Cramer (Video #1)

Oracle CEO, Mark Hurd: Dominance in a Tough Market

What are eSports?

Managing Through Crisis: How To Market During COVID-19

CHAPTER 9 - Developing the Promotion and Distribution Mixes

Disruptive Innovation Explained

Dunkin Brands CEO discusses about how the coronavirus pandemic changed the focus of the brand

Samsung Issues Safety Recall for Galaxy Note 7 (Video #1) and Battery Problems Prompt Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall (Video #2)

Three Pricing Strategies Everyone Should Know

Why Uber is Losing Money

How coronavirus price-gouging is hurting consumers

CHAPTER 10 - Developing the Promotion and Distribution Mixes

Amazon's Retail Revolution-Business Boomers BBC (2014)

The Art of Rhetoric: Persuasive Techniques in Advertising (Video #1) and 11 Types of Advertising (Video #2)

Introducing Amazon Go

How coronavirus is disrupting food supply chain in U.S.

The Rise and Fall Of Macy's

How the advertising world is coping with COVID-19

CHAPTER 11 - Accounting for Decision Making

How Ethical Are You?

The Accounting Equation: All You Need to Know in 4 Minutes

What is Audit?

Cyber-crimes on the rise during coronavirus pandemic

CHAPTER 12 - Financial Reporting

Understanding the Income Statement

Introduction to Financial Statements

Multiple Step Income Statement (vs. Single Step Income Statement)

The role of technology during covid-19 pandemic

Is Accountancy Right for Me?

CHAPTER 13 - Financial Management of the Firm and Investment Management

An Introduction to Financial Management

Present Value 4 and Discounted Cash Flow

Time value of money

What Will Finance Look Like After Coronavirus?

A medical solution to coronavirus will form a bottom to the market: Allianz advisor El-Erian

CHAPTER 14 - Understanding the Financial System, Money, and Banking

The Financial System

How the Federal Reserve works

Financial Sector Cybersecurity

Fed Chairman On Covid-19 Impact

Can Big Banks Survive the Coronavirus Crisis?

CHAPTER 15 - Personal Financial Planning

Billionaire Warren Buffett: Top Tips For Investing In the Stock Market

Laugh and Learn About Personal Finance -

Personal Financial Planning Tips: How to Create a Financial Plan

Coronavirus: Financial Planning

CHAPTER 16 - Managing Business Operations

Defining Quality: Aiming for a Better Health Care System

How the Tesla Model S is Made - Tesla Motors Part 1

How Toyota Changed the Way We Make Things

FIRST LOOK: Amazon Transforms Operations in Response to COVID-19

CHAPTER 17 - Management Information Systems

Management Information System & Its Functions

What Is A Supercomputer?

What is an Information System?

Healthcare Heroes/Information Systems

CHAPTER 18 - The Digital Enterprise

Apple Is Bringing Augmented Reality To Your iPhone (HBO) (Video #1) and What Is Augmented Reality And How Does It Work? (Videp #2)

UPS Tests Residential Delivery via Drone (Video #1) and UPS Tests Residential Delivery (Video #2)

What is ERP? (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Who Invented the Internet? And Why?

What is Bitcoin?

Inside America’s Food Supply Chain Under COVID-19

OTHER VIDEO RESOURCES - CrashCource Business: Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship CC #9.png
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