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ACADEMIC CUSTOM PUBLISHING - Developing Your Content, Your Way​

Academic Media Solutions has the Expertise and Resources to Bring Your Customized Project to Life

Many professors, businesses, and organizations have created original content for their course(s) or training programs that they would like to have professionally produced and distributed (digital and/or print formats). Academic Media Solutions' editorial and design professionals can help shape your project, allowing you to focus on the content and your students.

►  Professional Editorial and Production Team: Your manuscript will be developed, designed, and formatted by highly experienced publishing professionals.

►  Hassle-Free Copyright Clearance: Academic Media Solutions has the experience to efficiently research and secure copyright clearances.

►  ​​​​​​​​​​​The Highest Level of Service and Customer Support in the Industry: Our author-centered approach provides the guidance and resources required to make your publishing experience productive and enjoyable.

Getting your customized project published is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Determine costs and estimate price. ​

Decide on the scope of editorial and production services that are needed.

Establish a production budget and schedule.

Research copyright and permissions clearance requirements.  

Page format and layout design.

Illustrations, graphics, tables, artwork, or photos.

Cover design.

Delivery Format: Digital and/or Print (i.e., Paperback, Loose-leaf, Spiral bound, and Hardback).  

Create an original manuscript using your content​ (Core Textbooks, Study Guides, Workbook/Activities Manuals, etc.)​.​​   

Assemble and/or adapt content from third-party sources (Readers, Anthologies, and Casebooks).​

2. Consult With a Custom Editor, who will help:


3. Our Team Will Work with You on the Look of Your Project:

1. Decide What You Would Like To Have Published:


Types of Projects That You Can Get Published

If your course has a large enough annual student enrollment, we are interested in exploring how we may be able partner up together. There are a variety of  projects (Print & Digital) we can assist you with that include:​

   - Core Textbooks
   - Readers, Anthologies, & Casebooks
   - Workbooks/Activities Manuals

   - Study Guides & Course Manuals
   - Lab Manuals (e.g. Foreign Languages, Chemistry,

     Biology, and Physics)
   - Out-of-print Books/Textbooks

Editorial, Production, & Fulfillment Services 

We provide our authors access to the full range of publishing services to assist them with creating high quality educational materials. Our professional publishing services include:​

   - Copyright Clearance and Management

   - Copy Editing & Proof Reading
   - Cover & text Design/Formatting
   - Rendering of Charts, Graphs, and Tables
   - Indexing & Glossary Creation
   - Printing & Binding

   - Digital Conversion as Needed (i.e. eTextbooks)
   - Inventory Management and Tracking
   - Royalty Management
   - Order Fulfillment (Shipping/Handling) and

     Customer Service (Students & Bookstores)


Editorial, Production, & Fulfillment Services 
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