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Recently, several interesting infographics have been created and published that graphically illustrate trends and present supporting data that demonstrate the ongoing disruption and profound effect that the spiraling costs of textbooks and digital movement is having on higher education. Below are some examples of our favorites. Click the image or “Read More” button to go to the source.
The College Textbook Shakedown

www. Online, November 2011 November 2011

Many textbook publishing companies are set on squeezing every last penny out of college students. Textbook prices have risen 186 percent since 1986, and they’re increasing in price at four times the speed of other consumer products. Here’s a look at how textbook costs break down, how to avoid them, and what the future looks like.

How Tech is Changing College Life

​John Thomas, May 2012

It’s not your parent’s college anymore. With technology, the landscape of college education has done a complete turnaround. Gone are the days of notebooks, printed syllabi, and textbooks. Now it’s iPads®, smartphones, and ebooks. Here’s a look at the modern college student and how they fare technologically on the university campus.​

A Look at Student Using of eTextbooks March 2012

Ever wonder how your fellow students are using eTextbooks? Here is a collection of  data from an independent survey to help answer your questions! This infographic shows that more students are using eTextbooks than ever before and almost half are using them simply for the lower price. hic

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