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Engage your students and accelerate the learning process through our customizable, interactive, and affordable online platform powered by Skyepack.

► Uniquely Affordable - $39.95 (Direct-to-Students, based on content used and scope of interactivity).
► Customizable to meet your course needs.
► Academic quality student content:
     - Core Course/Textbook Content
     - Student Study Aids: PowerPoint-Based Lecture Guides
       Study Guides, and Quizlet Study Sets (Where available)   
► Instructional Support Resources:
     - Test Items
     - PowerPoint Lecture Slides 
     - Instructor's Resource Manual
     - Online Video Labs w/Student Worksheet (Where available)
► Easy to use by instructors and students.
► Complete or select core textbook content and pedagogy. Add your original material as well.
► Gradable online homework, quizzes, and tests.
► Adaptive learning functionality (class/course and student level analytics).
► Online Grade-book.
► Can be used as a stand-alone platform or integrated along with your LMS platform (i.e. Blackboard, Brightspace/D2L, Moodle, Canvas, Sakia, etc.).
► Accessible via desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet devices (Windows, MAC, IOS, & Android).
► Outstanding customer service and technical support.

► And much more!

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