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Andrew J. DuBrin

Online Video Labs & Student Worksheets

Primer Labs - Applies to many Chapters in FHRM

Anti-Discrimination Laws

Major Employment Discrimination Laws

CHAPTER 1 - The Nature and Scope of Human Resource Management

HR Managers' Responsibilities

HR Basics: Human Resource Management

The Future of Work: Upskilling and Reskilling Your Workforce

Concepts Unwrapped/Conflict of Interest

CHAPTER 2 - Human Resource Management Strategy and Planning

SWOT Analysis in HRM

A Company's Lifecycle Model - A Practical Example

HR Forecasting

CHAPTER 3 - Cultural Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity

Diversity & Inclusion and Organizational Success | AIHR Learning Bite

Bullying, Discrimination and Harassment

Sexual Harassment Prevention Made Simple Course

CHAPTER 4 - Job Analysis and Job Design

Job Analysis

Motivation by Job Design

How to Find a Meaningful Job, or Find Purpose in the Job You Already Have

CHAPTER 5 - The Recruitment of Human Resource Talent

Online Job Applications: What Happens after You Submit Your Résumé

Salesforce Recruitment Video

Employee Referral Programs

CHAPTER 6 - Employment Selection and Placement

Interviewing at GM: How Our Process Works

Ford Interview Process

How to Run an Employee Background Check

CHAPTER 7 - On-boarding, Training, and Development

MOOCs and Beyond

Creating a Respectful Workplace Training Video, Workplace Diversity Training

Amazon Operations—Pathways Leadership Development Program (MBA/MS)

CHAPTER 8 - Employee Engagement and Retention

Employee Engagement—Who’s Sinking Your Boat

We Can’t Get No –Job- Satisfaction

Why Corporate Culture Matters to Zappos and Others

CHAPTER 9 - Performance Management and Appraisal

Awkward Performance Review

Dr. Karen Yarrish - Poor Performance Evaluation

MBO - What is Management By Objective? Advantages and Disadvantages of MBO

CHAPTER 10 - Employee Compensation and Benefits

What You Might Not Know about the Business of Mary Kay

Human Resources Leadership Program (HLRP) at GE

It’s National Bring Your Pet to Work Day   

CHAPTER 11 - Employee Rights and Responsibilities

Injuries To Multiple Body Parts In Workers Comp Lawsuit

Service Dog Etiquette - Do's and Don'ts

Employee Recognition Done Awesome

Here’s How Workers Feel about Employers Mandating the Vaccine

CHAPTER 12 - Labor Relations and Labor Unions

We are going to have to conduct a formal grievance procedure. What do we have to do?

Arbitration Explained

Workplace Mediation: Case Studies

CHAPTER 13 - Safety, Health, and Employee Assistance Programs


CHAPTER 14 - Information Technology for Human Resource Management

What Is an HRIS? | AIHR Learning Bite

Product Overview of the BambooHR Applicant Tracking System

How to Drive Workplace Motivation through Gamification | AIHR Learning Bite

CHAPTER 15 - Crisis Management and the Remote Workforce

Crisis Management Principles

Work-Family Conflict: A Modern Phenomenon

Embracing the Future of Mobility: Building a Remote Work Program for the Future

Agile and Remote Work

CHAPTER 16 (eChapter) - International Human Resource Management

Introduction to Cultural Sensitivity

How to manage cross-cultural conflict

Negotiation: Skills to Build Better Relationships

Refugee Employees Prove Profitable for Local Businesses

Correlation Guide: FUNDAMENTAL OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT by Andrew DuBrin with HR Basics Video Series created by GreggU via

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