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STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT: Theory and Practice, Sixth Editions
John A. Parnell

Online Video Labs with Student Worksheets & Mini Lecture Series created by John Parnell

CHAPTER ONE - Fundamentals of Strategic Management

Mintzberg on Managing

Business Model Canvas:  Business Model Canvas Explained (Video #1) and Starbucks Business Model Canvas (Video #2)

All Value is Subjective

CHAPTER TWO - Industry Competition

The Five Competitive Forces that Shape Strategy

Respect Your Competitors

Why Chicken Sandwiches Don’t Cost  $1500

CHAPTER THREE - The External Environment: Political-Legal and

Economic Forces

Should Government Regulate Monopolies?

PEST Analysis

How Exchange Rates Work

CHAPTER FOUR - The External Environment: Social and Technological Forces

The World in 2015: Global population and  the changing shape of world demographics

The Social Media Revolution 2015

Newspaper Readership Then, Now and in the Future

CHAPTER FIVE - The Organization: Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

The Outsourcing Debate - Ross Perot in 1992 on NAFTA and the "Giant Sucking Sound"

Friedman on Capitalism

Crony Capitalism

CHAPTER SIX - Corporate-Level Strategies

McDonald’s in Moscow: Queue to first McDonalds in Moscow in 1990 (Video #1)  and Fries With That: Russia Targets McDonald's Restaurants (Video #2)

Turnaround at Domino’s

India's Tata Motors - Inspired by people

CHAPTER SEVEN - Business Unit Strategies

Competitive Strategy in 3 Minutes

The impact of car sharing with Dr. Susan Shaheen - Zipcars Vs Car2Go

The Miles & Snow Typology

CHAPTER EIGHT - Functional Strategies

Five Low Cost Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Production Strategies at Ford and AvtoVAZ: How to make a Ford Fiesta - in 86 seconds! (Video #1) and Touring AvtoVAZ, the largest Russian car manufacturer (Video #2)

How Beyond Meat is Taking Over the Beef Industry

CHAPTER NINE - Strategy Formulation

The SWOT Analysis

Blue Ocean Strategy

Strategic Change is all in the timing

CHAPTER TEN - Strategy Execution: Structure

The Matrix Structure: What is a Matrix Organization Structure? (Video #1) and Disadvantages of a Matrix Organization (Video #2)

Steve Jobs on Organizational Structure


CHAPTER ELEVEN - Strategy Execution: Strategic Change, Culture, and Leadership

Herb Kelleher on Organizational Culture

Tom Peters on Leading By Example

Does Culture Eat Strategy?

CHAPTER TWELVE - Strategic Control and Crisis Management

Football Crisis in the United Kingdom-Fire in Soccer Stadium

Union Carbide & Bhopal

Crisis at United Airlines

The COVID-19 Pandemic

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