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Lawrence S. Silver, DBA

Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Robert E. Stevens, PhD

Southeastern Oklahoma State University

​​​Courtney R. Kernek, PhD

Southeastern Oklahoma State University

​David Loudon, PhD

Samford University

Bruce Wrenn, PhD

Andrews University

Pages: 472 Pages

Copyright Year: © 2024

Status: Available

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Paperback (Four-Color): 978-1-950377-96-1

Paperback (B/W): 978-1-950377-97-8

Loose-Leaf (B/W): 978-1-950377-98-5
Online eTexbook: 978-1-950377-99-2

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THE ESSENTIALS OF BUSINESS RESEARCH  is a comprehensive and accessible textbook that takes a practical approach to business research. The authors provide students with a clear understanding of the research process, from identifying research questions to analyzing and reporting findings. The book covers a wide range of topics, including secondary research, data mining, and internet research, as well as qualitative and exploratory research.

One of the strengths of this book is its emphasis on research ethics, which helps students understand the importance of ethical considerations in business research. The authors also provide a range of tools to help students develop and test their research and analytical skills. These tools include data collection tool design and deployment, qualitative data analysis, statistical analysis, and research report preparation.

The Essentials of Business Research is an ideal textbook for undergraduate and graduate courses in business research. Its size and scope make it well-suited to college courses that supplement a core textbook with journal articles, major projects, online information, or other instructional media. With its practical approach and comprehensive coverage, this book will help students develop the skills they need to succeed in today's competitive business environment.

An accessible and relevant text that offers a unique narrative. A natural and relaxed writing style promotes a sense of a conversation between the authors and students.
Comprehensive coverage of current topics and scholarly research. The text has been thoroughly updated to reflect recent research, theories, and scholarship from across the discipline.
Flexible format and organization. The text provides the core theoretical foundations of business research while offering instructors the flexibility to incorporate a variety of outside course materials and cases.
Extensive use of real-world examples. Each chapter contains a wide variety of real-world examples that illustrate text concepts and demonstrate the connection between theory and practice.

24 Classroom-tested cases. The cases cover a variety of actual companies and situations from start-up decisions to expansion decisions. The data sets are available in both SPSS and Excel formats for students to use in analyzing the data associated with a specific case. There are also discussion questions for the cases that can be used for exams or stimulating classroom discussion of the research methodology and findings.

Contemporary design with rich illustration program. Numerous graphs, fig­ures, and tables reinforce the text discussions by pro­viding a visual guide to key concepts.

Student-friendly pedagogy and features. Learning objectives, chapter outlines, key terms and on-page marginal key-term definitions, research project tips, research project assignments, chapter summaries, and discussion questions support student learning, retention, and critical analysis.
Complete Instructor's Support Packages. Instructor's Resource Manual, Test Item File, and PowerPoint Lecture Slides.

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Data Sets for Cases (Excel & SPSS)

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