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PSYCHOLOGY, Eighth Edition 

Video Labs: Chapter #8-Memory

Elizabeth Loftus: Eyewitness Testimony


In this video, Elizabeth Loftus discusses some of her research on the fallibility of memory. Run Time: 3:04

Schema Theory Example


This video demonstrates the influence of schema on memory. Run Time: 2:21

Why These Squirrels Destroy Their Brains Every Winter


This video discusses how some squirrels destroy and rebuild their brain in the winter. Run Time: 3:15

Henry Molaison.jpg
How Do You Make Memories?


This video discusses the famous patient known as H.M. (Henry Molaison) who was diagnosed with anterograde amnesia. Run Time: 4:43

Other Video Resources - Crash Course Psychology

Crash Course #13.jpg
Crash Course #14.jpg
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