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AMERICAN GOVERNMENT: Your Voice, Your Future, Seventh Edition Election Update  
Matthew R. Kerbel
ker_7e_COVER_SE-S4 Election Update.jpg

Matthew R. Kerbel, PhD​

Villanova University​

Pages: 602 Pages

Copyright Year: © 2024

Status: Available

Formats & Ordering ISBNs:


Paperback (Full Color): 978-1-955543-79-8

Paperback (B/W): 978-1-955543-78-1

Loose-Leaf (B/W): 978-1-955543-80-4

Online eTexbook: 978-1-955543-81-1

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Loose-Leaf )


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Tom 12.00

AMERICAN GOVERNMENT: Your Voice, Your Future is a contemporary and engaging textbook that provides a comprehensive introduction to the American government. The Seventh Edition offers a highly acclaimed non-ideological framework that enables students to learn about the American political system without being influenced by a particular political ideology. The conversational narrative, integrated guiding themes of accessibility, relevance, and choice, and the carefully crafted core print text and supplements work together to benefit both the instructor and the student.

This extensively revised and updated edition includes coverage of the latest political developments, including the Biden era and the 2022 election, as well as the current debate regarding gun control, immigration reform, fiscal policy, health care reform, and more!

In addition to presenting theoretical concepts, the text encourages students to explore the practical applications of these concepts and how they relate to their own lives. Students are invited to think critically about their opinions and beliefs about government and politics and to consider why political actors act the way they do. The text is accessible and engaging, making it an ideal resource for students of all levels.

​►Making our government and politics accessible and relevant. The text speaks to and with students about the citizenship choices available to them while presenting the American government in terms they can relate to and appreciate.​
Unique narrative. A natural and relaxed writing style promotes a sense of a conversation between author and reader.​​

​►Emphasis on critical thinking. Readers are invited to explore how theory is connected to practice, whether their ideas about government are rooted in opinion or fact, and why political actors - from citizens to politicians to lobbyists to reporters - act the way they do.​

A comparative perspective on American Government. Globalization boxes invite students to think comparatively about the American government in an increasingly interconnected world.​

Meeting students where they learn and instructors where they teach. The narrative is presented in a modular style offering students material in digestible chunks and instructors flexibility in syllabus sequence.​

Updated to include coverage of current topics, data, and scholarly research. Recently revised to include coverage of the Trump era, comprehensive coverage of the 2022 election, the debate over relevant issues, and other recent events.​
Contemporary design with a rich illustration program. Numerous graphs, fig­ures, and tables reinforce the text discussions by pro­viding a visual guide to key concepts.
Student-friendly pedagogy and features. Includes Chapter Learning Objectives, Marginal Notes, Box Inserts, Comprehensive Chapter Reviews, and much more!​​​
Complete Instructor's Support Package. Instructor's Resource Manual, Test Item File, PowerPoint Lecture Slides, and Online Video Labs with Student Worksheets.

For Instructors:

Instructor's Manual

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PowerPoint Lecture Slides

Online Video Labs w/Student Worksheets

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