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OUR TEXTBOOKS - Psychology


General/Introduction to Psychology

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PSYCHOLOGY is a student-friendly and accessible comprehensive text that focuses on the science of psychology and the importance of research that illustrates the relevance of psychology to everyday life. This text introduces students to the fundamental concepts of psychology by exploring the classic and current research that has provided insights into human behavior.
Understanding that all psychological research takes place in a socio-cultural context, the authors have integrated coverage of diversity in culture, ethnicity, and gender throughout the text.

- 17 Chapters
- Pages: 822 Pages

- Copyright Year: © 2019

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ESSENTIALS OF PSYCHOLOGY is a brief, yet balanced introduction to psychology and its applications. This student-friendly text embraces the latest perspectives on traditional concepts and current theories to provide students with insight into human behavior. The authors have minimized complex explanations and illustrations to maximize straightforward understanding and application.

- 15 Chapters
- Pages: 422 Pages

- Copyright Year: © 2020

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