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Kenneth S. Bordens, PhD​ (Emeritus)

Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne

Josh R. Gerow, PhD​ (Emeritus)

Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne


Nancy K. Gerow, MS,​ LMFT

Psychological Service Associates, Inc. Fort Wayne, IN


Pages: 422 Pages

Copyright Year: © 2020

Status: Available

Formats & Ordering ISBNs:


Paperback (Full Color): 978-1-942041-88-7
Paperback (B/W): 978-1-942041-89-4

Loose-Leaf (B/W): 978-1-942041-90-0

Online eBook Version: 978-1-942041-91-7

ESSENTIALS OF PSYCHOLOGY is a brief, yet balanced introduction to psychology and its applications. This student-friendly text embraces the latest perspectives on traditional concepts and current theories to provide students with insight into human behavior. The authors have minimized complex explanations and illustrations to maximize straightforward understanding and application.
An accessible and relevant text that offers a unique narrative.A natural and relaxed writing style promotes a sense of a conversation between the authors and reader.
Comprehensive, yet concise coverage of current topics and
. The text has been thoroughly updated to reflect recent examples, research, and scholarship from across the discipline.​​
A broad range of examples and applications. The examples and applications presented throughout the text increase the relevance of key concepts and issues for a wide range of students. These include "Psychology in Action" boxed inserts that are found in every chapter.
Multicultural coverage.  Extensive multicultural content is integrated throughout the text, including Focus on Diversity boxed inserts. These boxes are found in each chapter and highlight issues from a cross-cultural or multicultural perspective.
Contemporary design with a rich illustration program. Numerous graphs, figures, and tables reinforce the text discussions by providing a visual guide to key concepts.
Student-friendly pedagogy and features. Each chapter includes chapter outlines, key questions, on-page key term definitions, box inserts, study checks & critical thinking prompts, comprehensive chapter summaries, a list of key terms, and much more!
Complete Instructor's Support Package. Instructor's Resource Manual, Test Item File, PowerPoint Lecture Slides, and Online Video Labs w/Student Worksheets.
For Student (Value Series):

Printed Text

(Paperback &

Loose-Leaf )


(Online-All Devices)


Study Guide

Quizlet Study Set

Printable Lecture Guide

For Instructors:

Instructor's Manual

Test Item


PowerPoint Lecture Slides

Online Video Labs w/Student Worksheets

100% of Our Development, Production, and Manufacturing  are done here in the U.S.A.​
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