LIFESPAN DEVELOPMENT: A Chronological Approach, Fourth Edition (NEW EDITION)
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Megan Clegg-Kraynok, PhD​

Ohio Northern University​


Kelvin L. Seifert, PhD​

The University of Manitoba - Emeritus


Robert J. Hoffnung, PhD​

University of New Haven​ - Emeritus


Michele Hoffnung, PhD​

Quinnipiac University​ - Emerita


Pages: 788 Pages

Copyright Year: © 2022

Status: Available

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Paperback (Full Color): 978-1-950377-23-7
Paperback (B/W): 978-1-950377-22-0

Loose-Leaf (B/W): 978-1-950377-24-4

Online Version: 978-1-950377-24-4

LIFESPAN DEVELOPMENT is a chronologically organized text that presents development from a growth perspective, focusing on continuities and change throughout the lifespan. By illustrating the connections and relationships among all stages, the Lifespan Development allows students to discover that human development is a lifelong process. The Third Edition offers an even stronger emphasis on the lifespan approach to development, as exemplified by four themes: Lifelong Growth, Continuity and Change, Changing Meanings and Vantage Points, and Developmental Diversity.
Comprehensive coverage of current issues, topics, and scholarly research — The text has been thoroughly updated to reflect current research, theories, and applications.​
Unifying themes integrated throughout the text — The presentation emphasizes four lifespan themes: Lifelong Growth, Continuity and Change, Changing Meanings and Vantage Points, and Developmental Diversity.
Broad range of examples and applications — The examples and applications presented throughout the text increase the relevance of key concepts and issues for a wide range of students.
Multicultural coverage — Extensive multicultural content is integrated throughout the text, including "A Multicultural View” boxed in­serts. These boxes are found in each chapter and highlight issues of development from a cross-cultural or multicultural perspective.
A critical approach to research — All material is based on a firm understanding of current research in the field, balancing the inclusion of classic and re­cent studies and presenting research in a manner that is accessible to students.
An accessible and relevant text that offers a unique narrative — The natural and relaxed writing style promotes the sense of a conversation between the authors and the reader, facilitating student engagement with the content.​​
Contemporary design with rich illustration program — Numerous graphs, fig­ures, and tables reinforce the text discussions by pro­viding a visual guide to key concepts.
Student-friendly pedagogy and features — Each chapter contains a wealth of in-text study aids: chapter outlines, focusing questions, on-page key term definitions, box inserts ("Focusing On...", "Working With" Interviews, and "A Multicultural View") comprehensive chapter reviews, and much more.​​​
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