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THE ESSENTIALS OF CHILD DEVELOPMENT: A Chronological Approach, Sixth Edition 
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Megan Clegg-Kraynok, PhD​

Ohio Northern University​


Kelvin L. Seifert, PhD​

The University of Manitoba - Emeritus


Robert J. Hoffnung, PhD​

University of New Haven​ - Emeritus


Pages: 404 Pages

Copyright Year: © 2019

Status: Available

Formats & Ordering ISBNs:


Paperback (Full Color): 978-1-942041-84-9
Paperback (B/W): 978-1-942041-83-2

Loose-Leaf (B/W): 978-1-942041-85-6

Online eTexbook: 978-1-942041-87-0

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THE ESSENTIALS OF CHILD DEVELOPMENT is an engaging and comprehensive resource for students studying child development. This text provides a thorough overview of the various stages of development in children, from birth through adolescence, while also exploring the influences of culture, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status on child development.

In addition to its solid research base, the Essentials of Child Development offers a strong emphasis on the practical application of developmental research. The authors provide real-world examples and case studies that illustrate how the principles of child development can be applied to real-life situations. For example, they explore the ways in which parents, teachers, and healthcare professionals can use their knowledge of child development to better support children's growth and development.

This sixth edition includes expanded coverage of the role of adults in children's lives, with a focus on the importance of positive adult-child relationships for healthy development. The text also delves into the latest research on issues such as screen time, the impact of poverty on child development, and the effects of trauma on children's development.

Overall, The Essentials of Child Development is an accessible and engaging resource that provides students with a solid understanding of child development theory and research, while also highlighting practical applications for professionals who work with children.
Comprehensive, yet concise coverage of current issues, topics, and scholarly research. The text has been thoroughly updated to reflect current research, theories, and applications.​
A broad range of examples and applications. The examples and applications presented throughout the text increase the relevance of key concepts and issues for a wide range of students.
A critical research approach. All material is based on a firm understanding of current research in the field, balancing the inclusion of classic and re­cent studies and presenting research in a manner that is accessible to students.
An accessible and relevant text that offers a unique narrative, The natural and relaxed writing style promotes the sense of a conversation between the authors and the reader, facilitating student engagement with the content.​​
Contemporary design with a rich illustration program. Numerous graphs, fig­ures, and tables reinforce the text discussions by pro­viding a visual guide to key concepts.
Student-friendly pedagogy and features. Each chapter contains a wealth of in-text study aids: chapter outlines, focusing questions, on-page key term definitions, box inserts ("Focusing On...", "Working With" Interviews, and "A Multicultural View"), comprehensive chapter reviews, and much more.​​​


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