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PSYCHOPATHOLOGY: A Modern Approach, Third Edition

Brian L. Burke, PhD​

Fort Lewis College​

Megan C. Wrona, PhD​

Fort Lewis College​


Sarah E. Trost, PhD

Cardinal Stritch University


Terri A. deRoon-Cassini, PhD​

Medical College of Wisconsin​


Douglas A. Bernstein, PhD​

University of South Florida​


Pages: 804 Pages

Copyright Year: © 2024

Status: Available

Formats & Ordering ISBNs:


Paperback (Four-Color): 978-1-955543-53-8

Paperback (B/W): 978-1-955543-55-2

Loose-Leaf (B/W): 978-1-955543-56-9
Online e
Texbook: 978-1-955543-57-6

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PSYCHOPATHOLOGY: A Modern Approach is an exceptional textbook that offers an innovative and cutting-edge survey of abnormal psychology. The text is designed to connect with students and hold their attention through a rich pedagogical program that emphasizes prevention, developmental roots of disorders, and early discussion of the disorders themselves.

One of the key strengths of this text is its use of various causal models with a special emphasis on the diathesis-stress model, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the factors that contribute to the development of mental health disorders. Additionally, the text explores and critically analyzes controversies in the field, including the connections between different disorders, causal factors, treatment methods, and outcomes.

Furthermore, the text has been updated to reflect current knowledge about multicultural issues in abnormal psychology, highlighting the importance of cultural competence in understanding and treating mental health disorders. A wealth of case studies and a focus on diversity bring text material to life and reinforce critical analysis and learning.

This authoritative text draws from the best of new and classic scholarship, incorporating extensive consultation with leading researchers in the field, and the authors' many years of teaching, research, and clinical experience. This edition has been updated to include the recently released DSM-5-TR, ensuring that the text is up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.
Comprehensive coverage of current issues, clinical applications, and scholarly research. This text has been thoroughly updated to reflect current research, theories, and applications.​
An integrated examination of the changes in the DSM-5-TR. Presented in simple student-friendly language which includes prioritizing and highlighting evidence-based treatments for each DSM-5-TR disorder
Discussion of major disorders in early chapters. Helps capture and hold students’ attention.
Early coverage of infancy, childhood, and adolescence. Used to examine developmental roots of disorders.
Extensive analysis of gender, ethnic, multicultural, and cross-cultural issues. Integrates and connects discussions of gender, ethnic, multicultural, and cross-cultural variables as aspects of etiology and treatment. This new edition features innovative and updated material on diversity, equity, and inclusion, with multicultural considerations integrated throughout the text.
A special emphasis on prevention. Includes engaging box inserts in many chapters.
A focus on connecting theory and research of abnormal psychology. Promotes a better understanding of the complexities of cultural, historical, and current events.
An accessible and relevant text that offers a unique narrative. A natural and relaxed writing style promotes a sense of a conversation between the authors and reader.​​
Contemporary design. Includes revised and updated tables, illustrations, photos, cartoons, graphs, and charts.
Student-friendly pedagogy and features that support learning, retention, and critical analysis. Each chapter contains a wealth of in-text study aids that include: learning objectives, a chapter-opening case, on-page key terms definitions, interim summaries (called “Section Review”) after each main section, comprehensive chapter reviews, and glossary.​​​
Complete Instructor's Support Package. Instructor's Resource Manual, Test Item File, PowerPoint Lecture Slides, and Online Video Labs w/Student Worksheets.
100% of Our Development, Production, and Manufacturing are done here in the U.S.A.​
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