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Martin S. Bressler, EdD

Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Lawrence S. Silver, DBA

Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Robert E. Stevens, PhD

Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Pages: 386 Pages

Copyright Year: © 2022

Status: Available

Formats & Ordering ISBNs:


Paperback (Four-Color): 978-1-950377-17-6

Paperback (B/W): 978-1-950377-18-3

Loose-Leaf (B/W): 978-1-950377-20-6
Online eTexbook: 978-1-95M0377-21-3

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Loose-Leaf )

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ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Concepts & Cases is brief guide that offers students a step-by-step approach to launching a new business venture. The text is enriched with real-life entrepreneur stories from both well-known business owners and small-town entrepreneurs, providing students with an in-depth understanding of the entrepreneurial experience.

One of the key strengths of this text is its relevance to the current business landscape. The authors have made a point to cover the most up-to-date information, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on entrepreneurs and small business owners. This edition includes examples of how entrepreneurs are responding to the pandemic, demonstrating how entrepreneurs can adapt to unexpected challenges.

The text includes classroom-tested cases based on actual small business challenges and opportunities. This provides students with practical insights into the complexities of entrepreneurship and helps them develop problem-solving skills.

Furthermore, the text provides students with a solid foundation in business planning, a critical skill for entrepreneurs and those who work with them to prepare business plans and secure financing for startups and business expansions. The authors provide a detailed guide on how to prepare a business plan or a shortened version of a business plan, empowering students to develop a viable plan for their own entrepreneurial ventures.

Finally, the size and scope of the book make it well-suited for college courses that supplement a core textbook with journal articles, major projects, online information, or other instructional media. This flexibility ensures that the text can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual courses and students.

An accessible and relevant text that offers a unique narrative.A natural and relaxed writing style promotes a sense of a conversation between the authors and reader.
Comprehensive coverage of current topics and scholarly research. The text has been thoroughly updated to reflect recent research, theories, and scholarship.​ For example, Issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic are addressed.
Extensive use of real-world examples. Each chapter contains a wide variety of real-world examples, offering actual entrepreneur stories from both well-known business owners and small-town entrepreneurs. Students will be further engaged through the Entrepreneur Profiles and Entrepreneurship in Action box features, which include coverage of Kylie Jenner, Kate Hudson, and Chris Johnson, among others.
Integrated coverage of ethics. The importance of management ethics and social responsibility is a theme that is incorporated into every chapter.

Classroom-tested cases. The cases cover a variety of actual companies and situations from start-up decisions to expansion decisions.
Contemporary design with a rich illustration program. Numerous graphs, fig­ures, and tables reinforce the text discussions by pro­viding a visual guide to key concepts.

Student-friendly pedagogy and features. Chapter outlines, learning objectives, box features ("Entrepreneur Profile" and "Entrepreneurship in Action'), on-page key term margin definitions, comprehensive chapter reviews, key terms, case study, and much more!
Complete Instructor's Support Package. Instructor's Resource Manual, Test Item File, PowerPoint Lecture Slides, and Online Video Labs w/Student Worksheets.
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