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Gerald J Schiffhorst, PhD​

University of Central Florida​-Emeritus

Donald Pharr, PhD​

Saint Leo University

Christina Connor, MA​

Hillsborough Community College

Pages: 352 Pages

Copyright Year: © 2022

Status: Available

Formats & Ordering ISBNs:


Spiral Bound (Four-Color): 978-1-950377-65-7

Spiral Bound (B/W): 978-1-950377-61-9

Online eTexbook: 978-1-950377-62-6

For Instructors:

Alternative Sets of Exercises A & B with Answer Key

Answer Key for In-text Exercises

PowerPoint Lecture Slides

Correlation Guide - Supplemental Online-based Video Resources (Organized by Chapter)

THE PRACTICAL HANDBOOK FOR WRITERS is the go-to guide for writers of all levels, providing comprehensive and practical writing help in a compact and portable package. This essential pocket-style handbook covers all aspects of the writing process, including generating ideas, drafting, reviewing, revising, and polishing your writing. It also covers key topics such as writing style, common sentence problems, punctuation, mechanics, inclusive language, rhetorical modes, research, documentation, evaluation, and citation of traditional and online sources.

Whether you're a student, a professional writer, or an ESL learner, this handbook offers invaluable guidance and support. The 8th edition features the latest MLA and APA guidelines, ensuring that you have access to the most current and accurate information. With its clear and concise explanations, helpful examples, and practical tips, THE PRACTICAL HANDBOOK FOR WRITERS is the ultimate writing companion for anyone seeking to improve their writing skills.

Updated coverage. This engaging text has been updated and streamlined with the latest MLA and APA guidelines for research paper formats. It also includes an expanded section on rhetorical modes and thorough coverage of the inclusive language.
Authoritative. This handbook provides students with a comprehensive guide to the conventions of grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and style.
Flexible format and organization. The three divisions of the text have distinctly different objectives. Part One covers topic selection, development, revision, and writing effective paragraphs and sentences. Part Two focuses on style and sentence issues, such as grammar, punctuation, and diction. Part Three is a practical guide to applied writing.

Helpful and engaging tone. A natural and relaxed writing style evokes a conversational tone between the authors and reader, making the text a valuable resource for students in their writing courses and beyond college.
Accessible and easy to use. The handbook’s organization and length make it easy for students to flip directly to the information they need.

A wealth of exercises. Exercises throughout reinforce key concepts and allow students to practice new writing skills.
ESL coverage. A separate ESL section in Chapter 12, combined with the text’s format, makes this handbook an appropriate resource for writing classes with non-native speakers of English.

Instructor's Support Package. Included is PowerPoint Lecture Slides, Answer Key for in-text exercises, and a set of Alternative Exercises with Answer Key.

For Student (Value Series):

Printed Text

(Spiral bound)


(Online-All Devices)

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