Editorial & Production Expertise & Resources

Academic Media Solutions provides the expertise and resources to provide our authors with a complete suite of content development and production services.

Our products are development so they are easily adapted across the various distribution mediums and digital platforms (including print, Laptops/Desktops,  IPads/iPhones, Smartphones, eReaders, Tablets, and Learning Management Systems).
Our team of highly experienced editorial and production professionals work closely with our authors to develop and execute a publishing plan that is designed to to bring a high quality product to market with speed and efficiency.

Development Services:                         ​

- Product Planning
- Developing and Managing schedule for the entire development

- Manuscript Development: Including Editing and Rewriting
- Writing Boxes, Captions, Modules, Appendices, and New Chapters
- Initiating Reviews: Including hiring and managing reviewer panel
- Analyzing and Summarizing Reviewer Comments to Authors
- Managing design, Art Development, and Photo Research
- Production Quality Control
- Managing Permissions: Including requests, payments, and log
Supplement Management: Including hiring and managing authors

​Writing Services (As Needed):
- Author and/or subject-mater expert recruiting
- Content Research
- Core Textbooks and Supplements (Instructional Support & Student

  Study Aids)

- Content evaluation for factual accuracy

- Light to heavy Manuscript Modifications


​Editorial Services:


- Project Management: Scheduling and Budget Control
- Copy-editing and Marking Copy for Composition Tagging
- Reviewing sample pages against design and page layout
- Proofreading: Including Page Layout and Content; Checking all  

  stages of page composition including printer proofs.

​- Editorial proofreading, combining copy-edit, and proofread
- Art and Photo Coo
- Permissions Management
- Indexing, preparing glossary and other front matter material

- Supplement updating and formatting, preparing final printer-read

  and online digital files.


Production Services:                                                                             

- Page Composition
- Developing and Rendering Art
- Page Design and Layout
- Photo Management
- Full Pre-press Services
t ree to change the image.

Digital Content Development


​In a "digital first" world, educational content is rapidly evolving to take advantage of the flexibility and harness the power associated with emerging media formats. Our goal is to develop content and media that the end user can access and consume your content when, where, and how they desire.

We provide our authors and clients (faculty, universities/colleges, organizations, and corporation) with the expertise to develop  and deliver the content options and eLearning platforms that best meet their needs and in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. We are able to work across a wide range of commercially available software and digital platforms to provide the maximum flexibility.

Our Expertise and Skills Include:

- Operating Systems (iPhone-iPad OS/Andorid/Windows/ Mac)
- ePub, Flash, Mobi, and eReaders formats
- Illustrations and Animations
- Voice/Video Integration
- Lecture Capture: Course-casting & Podcasts
- Content Development, Production, & Management
- Tests/Assessments, Homework, and Interactive Study Guides

​Services Provided:

- Course Development and Conversion
- Digestion of content into eBook, LMS, and courseware platforms
- Learning Management Systems and Mobile Application Architecture &

- Multimedia Development & Integration
- Website and Portal Design

al Data Governance Platforms​

100% of Our Development, Production,  and Manufacturing  are done here in the U.S.A.​