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Video Labs: Chapter #7-Thinking, Language, and Intelligence


Although intelligence is a topic closely associated with psychology, it has proven to be a difficult concept to define precisely. In fact, there are several different approaches to defining intelligence. For example, one early model suggested that there was a pool of general intelligence (g) that flowed into a number of specific abilities (s). Other models of intelligence suggest that there is more than one intelligence, or multiple intelligences. This video reviews some of the key issues surrounding the concept of intelligence. Run Time: 7:57

Problem Solving.jpg
Problem Solving

Every day we are faced with a variety of problems that need to be solved. How do I repair my broken chair leg? How do I solve this math problem? How can I get my computer to run faster? Problems have three components: an initial state (perceiving the problem exists), a goal state (where you would like to be), and strategies (how to get from the initial state to the goal state). Some problems are well-defined, that is it is clear what the problem involves; whereas others are ill-defined (it is not clear what the problem involves). This video discusses strategies for problem solving. Run Time: 5:50

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Animal Language

Language is a sophisticated means of communication. As noted in Chapter 7, there are certain characteristics of a communication that make it a true language (e.g., arbitrary symbolic reference, rules of combination). One controversial issue in psycholinguistics (the study of language) is whether animals, such as chimpanzees, have and use language to communicate. One way scientists have attempted to address this issue is to try to teach chimpanzees human language. Early attempts tried to teach chimps spoken language (which failed), whereas later attempts tried to teach sign language (which met with some success). This video discusses animal language and gives some examples of attempts to teach chimps language. Run Time: 7:39

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