Video Labs: Chapter #14-Social Psychology

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An Introduction to Gordon Allport’s The Nature of Prejudice- A Macat Psychology Analysis

Social psychologists have studied prejudice and discrimination for decades. Prejudice is defined as an attitude, often negative, about a group of people. Discrimination is behavior that is often based on prejudice. Gordon Allport, in his book The Nature of Prejudice (1954), extensively considered the issues of prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination. His book, although decades old, is still considered to be a definitive work in the field. This video covers some of the essential ideas that Allport discussed in his book. Run Time: 3:30

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Helping Behavior: The Bystander Effect

One of the most powerful effects found in social psychology is the bystander effect. The bystander effect occurs when a person who needs help is less likely to receive that help when many bystanders are present as opposed to one bystander. This video shows a number of situations in which the bystander effect occurs. For example, people on a busy London street walk right by a person lying on some stairs in plain view. We see this happen over and over almost every day. Run Time: 3:35

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Milgram Obedience Experiment

One of the most important and controversial experiments ever conducted in social psychology is Stanley Milgram’s obedience experiment. Motivated by the question of why Germans during the Nazi era were so obedient, Milgram conducted a series of experiments to see what factors controlled obedience to authority. In a fake learning experiment Milgram prodded subject to deliver, what they believed to be, painful electric shocks to a person every time he made an error on a memory task (in fact, no shocks were given). Milgram found that 65% of the subjects went all the way to 450 volts. This video reviews Milgram’s famous experiment. The experiment you will see is Milgram’s actual experiment with his real subjects. Run Time: 9:53

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