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Video Labs: Chapter #9-Human Sexuality and Relationships

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What causes sexual orientation?

As noted in Chapter 9, the issue of sexual orientation is a complex one. The complexities involve identifying clear, concise definitions for the variety of human sexual orientation and the origins of a person’s sexual orientation. We discussed a number of potential explanations, but there is no universal agreement concerning the origins of sexual orientation. In this video, Dr. Ross Avilla provides an overview of some of the explanations for a person’s sexual orientation. Run Time: 9:41

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Sweaty T-Shirts and Human Mate Choice

This video discusses how evolutionary psychology applies to human mate selection. Evolutionary psychology is a relatively new discipline in psychology that looks at biological factors in social behavior and how those behaviors evolved and affect behavior. The evolutionary approach is not very popular in traditional psychology circles. The video also shows a brief overview of an experiment in which women smell tee shirts of different men. The women preferred the smells of men whose immune genes were different from their own. According to evolutionary psychology, this makes sense because it gives offspring a better chance of resisting disease and surviving. Run Time: 3:11

The Halo Effect.jpg
The Halo Effect - Science of Attraction

Social psychologists have been investigating the factors that affect interpersonal attraction for many years. They have found a variety of factors including physical proximity and similarity affect why we become attracted to some people, but not others. One important factor affecting attraction is how we judge and perceive another person. Your perceptions and judgments about another person are affected by impressions you form of that person when you first meet. If you for a positive impression of the other person, it is likely that you will interpret subsequent behavior and characteristics more positively than if your initial impress were negative. This is called a halo effect. This video explores how this halo effect affects interpersonal attraction. Run Time: 11:33

Other Video Resources - Crash Course Psychology

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