Video Labs: Chapter #6-Consciousness

Aspects of Dreaming and Dream Interpretation in Everyday Psychology

Sleep is a state of consciousness in which we spend a good part of our lives. Sleep has always fascinated humans, dating as far back (at least) to the ancient Greek philosophers. Modern science has taught us a lot about sleep and the functions that it serves. For example, sleep scientists have identified different stages of sleep characterized by different types of brain activity and mental activity. This video reviews information one of the stages of sleep: REM sleep. It also covers aspects of dreaming, including the functions that dreams serve. Run Time: 7:22

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Sleep Disorders

Getting a “good night’s sleep” is important for one’s physical and mental health. However, a sizeable number of people do not get this good night’s sleep because they suffer from one of a number of sleep disorders that afflict humans. This video discusses some of the known sleep disorders. Run Time: 5:26

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Hypnosis and Meditation

Hypnosis and meditation are two “altered” states of consciousness. Hypnosis in psychology, unlike “stage hypnosis,” does not place a person in a trance where they lose control over their behavior. It is as state of consciousness, however, marked by increased suggestibility. However, a person will not do something they would not do in their normal state. Mediation is a state of consciousness where the mind is relaxed, attention is focused and involves accepting what is on one’s mind at any given moment. This video explores these two states of consciousness. Run Time: 4:28

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