Video Labs: Chapter #3-Sensation and Perception

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Gestalt Principles of Perception

This video covers how the Gestalt laws of perception help us organize stimuli in our visual world. It shows how people see images in everyday objects (e.g., a mask on the surface of mars) and how this phenomenon relates to gestalt laws of perception. The video shows how the basic Gestalt laws of perception contribute to how we organize shapes and other stimuli in our world. Run Time: 4:13

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Visual Sensory Information

Of all of our senses, our vision is the most dominant and important. The sense organ for vision is the eye which is a photoreceptor. Light enters the eye and is focused on the retina. From there, visual information will be transmitted into the brain via the optic nerve. This video reviews the sense of vision, showing how the eye works and how light energy is transformed into a neural impulse that the brain can interpret. Run Time: 8:01

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