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Video Labs: Chapter #11-Stress and Health Psychology

What is Stress?

Everyone has experienced stress at one time or another. Stress occurs when some situation places pressure on us to adapt. Stressors include frustration, conflict and life events (e.g., getting a new job, marriage, death of a loved one). Each person responds differently to stress and the way we deal with stress depends on a number of factors. This video reviews the concept of stress. Run Time: 6:05

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Responses to Stress

Once we encounter a stressor we are motivated to make some response to that stressor. Of course, people respond to stress differently. Men and women differ in how they respond to stress. Men are likely to show a flight-or-fight response, whereas women are likely to show a tend-and-befriend response. This video explores how we might respond in the face of stress. Run Time: 8:45

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Stress Management: Coping with Stress

Chapter 11 points out that there are effective and ineffective ways of coping with stress. Effective coping mechanisms include minimizing the stressor, exercising and using social support mechanisms. Each of these techniques can be quite effective. This video explores some ways we can cope with stress effectively. Run Time. 7:19

Other Video Resources - Crash Course Psychology

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