Video Labs: Chapter #1-Psychology Is in Our Lives

Video Labs: Chapter #1-Psychology Is in Our Lives

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Correlation and Causation - The Psychology Faculty

One type of research that psychologists conduct is correlational research in which two or more variables are measured and a relationship is explored. For example, a researcher might look at the relationship between cell phone use while driving and accident frequency. In this video Dr. Louise Dye explains correlational research and how correlational research is used. Run Time: 3:08

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The Scientific Method

One characteristic that makes psychology a true science is that psychologists use the scientific method to investigate psychological phenomena. This is the very same method used by scientists in other disciplines such as biology, chemistry and physics. This video covers how the scientific method is used to test an explanation about an observation you makeRun Time: 11:48

Introduction to Introspection

As noted in Chapter 1, the history of experimental psychology began in Leipzig, Germany with the work of Wilhelm Wundt. Although Wundt used a variety of methods to study things like sensation and perception (including experiments), one technique he and others used was introspection. Introspection involved a research subject providing detailed descriptions of his (only men served as subjects) mental states and processes of various stimuli. This video provides a history of introspection, focusing on Wundt and Titchener.  Run Time: 6:54

Other Video Resources - Crash Course Psychology

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