Video Labs: Chapter #9-Developing the Product and Pricing Mixes

Disruptive Innovation Explained


This video consists of an interview with Clay Christensen, Professor of Business, Harvard University about his theory of disruptive innovation. Christensen maintains that it is important to understand that disruptive innovation needs to be viewed as a process.  He identifies disruptive innovation as the transformation of a product that was overly complicated and costly that is now simpler and less costly and is directed to a new, much larger market. Run Time: 7:51

Three Pricing Strategies Everyone Should Know


Spencer Lum offers three pricing strategies that complement the usual emphasis on supply and demand, revenues and costs.  He is not a believer that a low cost/low price strategy is always the best pricing strategy. Lum recommends that high anchor prices be the starting point for setting prices because prospective buyers remember what they are first exposed to and, thus, will be willing to pay more.  If necessary, you can lower prices but it is less likely that you can start with low prices and subsequently raise them. Run Time: 8:04

Samsung Issues Safety Recall For Galaxy
Note 7


On August 17, 2016 Samsung introduced to the market the latest in its  line of smart phones, the Galaxy Note 7.  Industry experts and consumers were very complimentary about this product, frequently citing its excellent design.  Shortly, thereafter, complaints about the product began to surface.  The most significant were related to safety concerns:  Some caught on fire or even exploded, potentially causing injury to users.  As a result, several airlines did not allow passengers to bring their Note 7s on board their flights. Run Times: 2:27/3:08

Uber Ch 9.jpg
Why Uber is Losing Money

Uber, primarily a means to transport people from Point A to Point B by automobile (ride sharing) has been hemorrhaging money. A $3 billion loss in 2018, $4 billion loss in 2017.  Its revenues in 2018 were $11.3 billion.  The company was founded in 2010.Run Time: 8:36


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Dunkin Brands CEO discusses about how the coronavirus pandemic changed the focus of the brand

This video deals with comments made by Dunkin Brands CEO.  It focuses on how Dunkin' adjusted to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Much of its response to Covid-19 was prompted by some negative effects on the Company's financial performance.  It was on the way to having its best first quarter in six years when the virus struck.  Same store sales for the first quarter of 2020 plummeted by 20% compared to those for 2019. Run Time: 10:22