Video Labs: Chapter #8-Marketing Basics

Netflix goes Global with Expansion into 130 new countries (Audio #1)
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings: Part 1 - Taking TV to the Internet with Jim Cramer (Video #1)


This audio and video consists of an interview with Gina Keating, author of NETFLIXED, as conducted by NPR's Kelly McEvers and Jim Cramer, Host of CNBC’s Mad Money.  It deals with Netflix's announcement that it was going to expand into 130 international markets and would, as a result, need to use several new languages. Jim Cramer spoke with the CEO of the company responsible for transforming the way we watch TV around the world. This video interfaces with three topics included in this chapter--international markets, strategies, and the marketing mix. Run Times: 4:10 and 8:38

Oracle CEO, Mark Hurd: Dominance in a Tough Market


The video presents an interview with Oracle's CEO, Mark Hurd, as conducted by CNBC's Jim Cramer.  It focuses on Oracle's traditional data management services (on premises business) and its recent emphasis on providing access to its cloud services. It also presents a number of topics contained in this chapter including the marketing mix, markets, customers, competition, technology, data bases, objectives, and strategies. Run Time: 8:42

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My Carvana Buying Experience & Review!

Carvana allows purchasers of cars to buy entirely off the Internet. This process includes all paper work and financing.  Purchasers can pick up their cars at one of Carvana’s vending machines or have the automobile of their choice delivered to them. Purchasers are given seven days to test drive their selection.  If not satisfied, the purchase price will be refunded. Run Time: 8:36

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Managing Through Crisis: How To Market During COVID-19

This video presents the results of an interview of two members of the faculty of the Harvard Business School.  The interview was based on the research they had done and published which reported interviews they had conducted with 12,000 people around the world. Run Time: 23:00

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