Video Labs: Chapter #7-Motivating and Leading Employees

Battle of the Theorists: Business Studies - Motivational Theorists Revision Video


This is a motivational Theorists revision video. It covers the main motivational theories including those attributed to Taylor, Mayo, Maslow and Herzberg and asks the questions who is right? This video clip can be used for flipping the classroom and going over it in class, or students can use it for revision. Run Time: 5:05

Steve Jobs' Management Style - Leadership 


A series of personal interviews/addresses looped together with Steve Jobs where he talks about managing an organization, managing people within an organization, and leadership qualities that he espouses. Steve Jobs’ leadership traits are: to build an organization which eventually grows itself; and corporate success is the result of personal passion & a team of committed people that you select to work with you. Steve Jobs explains the rules of success - creative ideas.Run Time: 7:46