Video Labs: Chapter #6-Human Resources Management

Introduction to Human Resource Management


This video gives a broad overview of Human Resources management and its various functions in a business. One of HR’s main functions is to recruit employees from various talent pools that have skills and attributes that may be needed for current job openings. After HR has a talent pool to select from, HR then engages in the selection process. Generally, employees are selected through various factors, such as interviews, and possibly an intelligence test or personality test. After employees have been selected and on boarded, HR is still responsible for job specific training and development for individual employees. Overall, HR is responsible for attracting, selecting, and retaining productive employees. Run Time: 8:45

Reflections on the ADA: Interview with Susanne Bruyere


This video gives a brief explanation of the implications of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA was a big win for people with disabilities in the United States, since they could no longer be discriminated against in the professional arena. The ADA has also helped facilitate substantive change for individuals with disabilities in the business environment. From ramps in public places to brail on elevators, the ADA has had a significant impact to help people with disabilities. Employers also respond to this with the inclusion of people with disabilities in their recruitment and selection strategies. Susanne Bruyere is the Director of the Employer Assistance and Resource Network (EARN) and Cornell University's Employment and Disability Institute (EDI). Run Time: 2:14

Group Cohesiveness.png
An Animated Introduction to Key HR Functions

This video clip breaks down the basic functions of HR. It clearly explains how HR is linked to the overall organization and how the HR process naturally flows through the organization. This video illustrates that an effective HR function is interconnected to organizational effectiveness and success. Run Time: 5:06