Video Labs: Chapter #2-The Environment of Business



This video clip details the fundamentals of Globalization:  what it means and how it came about.  It explains that while globalization does create winners and losers, it is not a zero-sum game!  Change is the only constant in a global economy and countries/businesses that adapt to the changing world environment are the ones that will succeed. To a large extent globalization will be driven by developing countries as long as they continue to implement market-oriented economic policies. This will call for economic reforms in developed countries such as better high school education and technical training as we move to a knowledge-based market economy. Run Time: 7:30

Coca-Cola Globalization Documentary


Coca-Cola is a U.S. multinational corporation that generates some 60% of its earnings overseas -a truly global corporation.  Coca-Cola has adapted successfully to the globalization process.  This video clip tries to explain the company’s globalization philosophy and how it has managed to take advantage of the changing global business environment.  Run Time: 9:54

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PwC – The World Economy in 2050

Each year, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) analyzes the global economy and they predict what top 10 counties will shape the future by the year 2050.  After listing the top ten economies of the present (based on the size of nominal GDP in US dollars), they predict the global outlook (Top 10 economies by size) for 2050.  Run Time: 10:30

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Economics of Pandemics

The moral of this story is that just as international trade does not happen in a vacuum, pandemics do not restrict themselves to national borders.  The fact that business is global in its very nature implies that we need to learn to live with pandemics. Run Time: 10:39

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How the coronavirus pandemic affects the world’s working poor

Covid-19 has no national borders. It affects all of humanity and we are in it together.  Developed economies with high income may be able to withstand the impact of Covid-19 better than emerging (developing) economies.  Run Time: 11:45

Source: Viacheslav Lopatin/Shutterstock.