Video Labs: Chapter #15-Personal Financial Planning

Personal Financial Planning Tips: How to Create a Financial Plan


Created by Julie Asti, a Certified Financial Planner discusses that creating a budget is the first step in financial planning. When creating a financial plan, setting up a budget helps you better understand how much money is needed to meet your financial goals. The video also points out why a budget is crucial for setting up a financial plan. Most people want to handle their finances so that they get full satisfaction from each available dollar. Typical financial goals include such things as a new car, a larger home, advanced career training, extended travel, and self-sufficiency during working and retirement years. Run Time: 2:58

Laugh and Learn About Personal Finance


This video is part of a series of animated cartoons created by Funny Money front man James Cunningham and animator Trevor Keen in collaboration with the Investor Education Fund. This cartoon will teach you a few basic concepts about building wealth. It shows you the difference between things that lose their value and things that grow in value and why you should care. This video uses humor to introduce some basic financial planning guidance. Run Time: 3:13

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Billionaire Warren Buffett: Top Tips For Investing In the Stock Market


This video shows some insights into Investing by Warren Buffet, one of the most powerful investors in the world. Buffet offers practical insights to investors..  Run Time: 2:03

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Business in the Age of COVID-19

Coronavirus: Financial Planning

Please share your thoughts on the following issues as you watch a video on Coronavirus: Financial Planning by Winnie Sun TV. This is advice to consider in planning for future events such as a coronavirus pandemic or other events that result in business closures and stock market downturns. Winnie Sun offers practical insights to investors. Run Time: 4:35

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