Video Labs: Chapter #10-Developing the Promotion and Distribution Mixes

Amazon's Retail Revolution-Business Boomers BBC (2014)


Although this video focuses on Amazon's operations in England, it provides an excellent overview of the company's U.S. operations and an historical description of its beginning and evolution since its founding.


Much attention is devoted to the Company's business model as it has evolved.  Criticisms of Amazon are discussed as are Amazon's responses to them.  As such, its expanding product lines and services are emphasized.  Much time is devoted to the Company's high-profile CEO and founder, Jeff Bezos.


Several recent developments involving Amazon have been in the news: the Company's announcement that it was considering the use of drones to make deliveries and its acquisition of one of America's most important newspapers, THE WASHINGTON POST. Run Time: 59:21

The Art of Rhetoric: Persuasive Techniques in Advertising (Video #1)
11 Types of Advertising (Video #2)


Both of these videos deal with the appeals that can be used in advertisements.  THE ART OF RHETORIC is the more theoretical of the two as it uses a three-pronged typology developed by Aristotle to classify advertising appeals, whereas 11 TYPES OF ADVERTISING offers specific, practical appeals - along with examples - that can be conveyed in advertisements. Run Times: 8:29 and 7:30

Introducing Amazon Go!
Amazon has a prototype store in its headquarters city, Seattle, that the company believes has the potential to revolutionize the way people shop.  Called "Amazon Go," its success is predicated on the assumption that shoppers in stores are turned off by long lines and and the time it takes to check out. Amazon executives believe that there will eventually be 2,000 Amazon Go stores in the United States.  Amazon Go emphasizes no lines, no checkouts, no registers.. Run Times: 1:47
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The Rise and Fall Of Macy's

​For many years, Macy’s was the iconic department store in the United States.  It was the largest in the world, it had a flagship location in downtown New York, and its annual Thanksgiving Day parade signaled the start of the Christmas season.


In recent years, however, the glitter about Macy’s has been tarnished.  The price of its stock has dropped and it has closed 100 stores since 2010.  In 1994, it declared bankruptcy and was merged with Federated Stores which, itself, had emerged from bankruptcy two years earlier.  Together, they became the largest retailer in the United States. Run Time: 8:36


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How coronavirus is disrupting food supply chain in U.S.

Because of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, problems have occurred with our food supply chain.  Many shoppers encountered empty shelves for various food items when shopping in stores.  A high percentage of these stores were forced to close, as were a large number of restaurants. Coronavirus outbreaks in meat packing plants reduced the number of workers available to work which resulted in reduced quantities of meat products available for shoppers. Run Time: 10:22

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How the advertising world is coping with COVID-19

This video discusses how Britain's advertising industry is adjusting to the spread of the coronavirus in its country.  The recommendations promulgated by this industry have relevance for advertising agencies in other countries, especially that in the United States. Run Time: 4:37

Source: Viacheslav Lopatin/Shutterstock.