Andrew J. DuBrin

Video Labs: Chapter #8-Interpersonal Communication

How to Be More Persuasive


Persuasive and power-oriented communication is presented in pages 170-171 of the textbook.  In this video, communication skills expert, Dan O’Connor shows you how to order your presentation for maximum effectiveness so that the odds of acceptance dramatically increase. O’Connor hammers on one key idea—when given a choice of several options the majority of people choose option three. Approximately 90 percent of people reject the first option.  When presented with three options, we typically say, “No, no, yes.”  This is why appliance stores placed the least expensive, most basic model first, and the model they would prefer you to purchase in the third position.  This same dynamic principle can work effectively when presenting three options in the workplace. Present the weakest option first, and the strongest option in third place. Run Time: 7:36

LEADERSHIP: Managing by Wandering Around


Management by walking around is described in page 161 of the textbook. In this video the well-known management consultant Tom Peters (who has Ph.D, in organizational behavior) explains the importance of management by wandering around (MBWA). The same concept is referred to by most other management specialists as management by walking around. Peters notes that attending meetings with other executives is important, but to develop a real feel for what is going on in the business, direct contact with operations is necessary. Peters thinks that the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, is a very positive example of management by wandering around because visits 25 Starbucks cafés per week to get a first-hand look at operations, including customer reactions to Starbucks products and customer service. Run Time: 2:21

Body Language.png
5-Minute Masterclass—Confident Body Language


Nonverbal communication, including how to use it to appear more confident, is described on pages 169-171 of the text. In this video the presenter focuses in depth on three approaches to using body language, a facet of nonverbal communication, to appear and be more self-confident. Run Time: 6:15