Andrew J. DuBrin

Video Labs: Chapter #7-Motivational Methods and Programs

Motivation by Job Design


The information presented in this video highlights several of the characteristics of the job characteristics model of job enrichment presented on pages 132-133 of the textbook. Managers are encouraged to see that these characteristics or elements are included in the workers’ jobs. First is skill variety, or many skills to perform the task. Second is task identity, or being able to do an entire job, such as feeling, “I made that pair of yoga pants by myself.” Third is task significance, of the feeling of making a heavy impact on others, such as thinking that yoga pants make life more enjoyable for millions of people. Fourth is autonomy, or the feeling of freedom and independence in performing the job, such as being the sale manager in a distant territory. Fifth is feedback, or receiving direct information about performance. The daily amount of purchases made via a website would be effective feedback.Run Time: 9:35

Designing Successful Employee Reward & Recognition Programs


Suggestions for an effective employee recognition program are presented in pages 138-139 of the textbook. This video presents a new framework or model for recognition programs.  The key point of the model is that employee recognition should give workers the choice to satisfy at least one of four drives (or motivators). The first drive is to acquire, such as acquiring a watch or employee recognition plaque. An award also provides the opportunity to acquire status.


The second drive is to bond or connect with other people.  The manager must know how to interact with employees to help create this bond, and peer recognition also facilitates bonding. Another recognition award satisfying this drive would be receiving an award that gave the employee a paid vacation for him or her and the family. Run Time: 3:30

“Stronger Than That” – Craig Campbell


Pride as a motivator is covered on page 139 of the textbook. The purpose of this video is to raise awareness for the Mayo Clinic’s campaign to fight colorectal cancer. The Mayo Clinic states, “As the official medical and social media partner for Fight Colorectal Cancer’s #StrongArmSelfie awareness campaign, Mayo Clinic produced this video “Stronger Than That” by BBR Music Group’s Craig Campbell. Craig wrote this song specifically for the campaign, and is donating all proceeds from song downloads to FightCRC.  Although not the intended purpose of this video, it is also an outstanding example of pride in work and the organization is a strong motivator. Run Time: 2:31

What You Might Not Know about the Business of Mary Kay


The aspects of motivational methods and programs most closely related to this video appear on pages 137-143 of the text. The documentary prepared by ABC news touches on how Mary Kay sales consultants are motivated, including financial incentives. The ultimate prize is a Pink Cadillac, however dated this reward might appear. Mary Kay consultants also have flexible working hours which appeals to many women. A social motivator is that selling for Mary Kay usually means working closely with a person’s network of contracts, including friend and family. Mary Kay consultants are instructed to make all customers and potential customers feel that they are important, as a way of motivating purchases. The video also points out that multi-level sales are an important vehicle for earning a high income. The follow-on video points out potential ethical problems with the Mary Kay arrangement with consultants. Run Time: 3:45

What Is It Like Being a Task Rabbit?


Job enrichment is described in pages 128-134 of the textbook. TaskRabbit is an online and mobile service that unites people who need a wide variety of tasks to be performed with people willing to perform these tasks. The “task rabbits” who perform the work are independent contractors, not employees. The task rabbit in the video describes some of his experiences performing these chores. Among the chores he mentions are carrying groceries up flights of stairs for a woman, and assembling office furniture. A strong motivator for this task rabbit is to work his way up to levels of expertise. He will receive a TaskRabbit tee shirt if he attains level 5. The interviewee implies that it is competitive to become a task rabbit, suggesting that many people want to work independently and be part of the gig economy. Run Time: 7:20

Employee Recognition.png
Employee Recognition Done Awesome


Recognition as a motivator is described on pages 148-150 of the textbook. In this brief video, motivational speaker David Crenshaw describes a basic program of employee recognition referred to as “Acts of Awesomeness.” (The employee receives recognition for being awesome.)  Run Time: 2:03