Andrew J. DuBrin

Video Labs: Chapter #2-Individual Differences, Mental Ability, and Personality

Personality Traits That Help Live a Long Life


Although this video is geared toward personal life, it has a lot of relevance for organizational behavior. According to psychology professor, Patrick Hill, the personality traits of optimism, friendliness, and conscientiousness contribute to longevity. A study of hundreds of hundred-year-old people found that they were more easygoing than the general population.         Friendliness is another characteristic of longevity.  People who are friendly live longer. Conscientiousness is also linked to longevity. These people are detail-oriented and responsible, always want to do a good job, and are punctual.


Conscientiousness and optimism are covered on page 28 of the text. And the trait of friendliness can be inferred from the discussion of good interpersonal skills in Chapter 1, page 5. Run Time: 1:15

Emotional Intelligence @the Workplace


Emotional intelligence is covered on pages 32-34 of the textbook.  This video presents many details about emotional intelligence, and how it can be improved. The video also presents other topics indirectly related to emotional intelligence, such as managing stress.  In today’s around-the-clock workplace, emotions are constantly being brought to the surface as we cross cultures and time zones regularly. Learning how to manage emotions has become necessary for workplace effectiveness in many positions.  The presenter, Maureen Rabotin, provides ideas for better handling your emotions in challenging times. Run Time: 13:08

5 Tips for Dealing with Narcissists at Work


Narcissism as a personality trait is described on page 31 of the textbook. In this video a presenter named Michelle (credentials unidentified) provides five tips to manage the narcissists in your work place. Using these tips may help you attain peace and productivity at work, assuming that you are dealing with a negative narcissist. Run Time: 5:34