Andrew J. DuBrin

Video Labs: Chapter #15-Organizational Culture and Knowledge Management

Why Corporate Culture Matters to Zappos and Others


Organizational culture is described on pages 323-330 of the textbook. In this video business journalist Toddi Gutner mentions many different facets of culture.  She argues that culture is the secret to corporate success,   and that companies have an internal culture related to employees and an external culture related to customers. Many young employees want a culture in which they can question why they are performing a given business activity. A work culture that emphasizes fun, including nap rooms and an in-house bowling facility, would be an example of such fun. Zappos, a famous fish market, and Skull Candy are presented as examples of cultures that create fun-filled cultures.


The right organizational culture fosters creativity and engagement, leading to high profits.  One indicator of a productive culture is one in which a wide variety employees can stay in touch with the CEO through Twitter.

Run Time: 4:37

What is a Learning Organization?


The learning organization is presented in pages 331-334 of the textbook. Although this video is produced by a youth center it is applicable to other types of organizations. Learning organizations are ready for anything.  They are effective, efficient, responsive, and committed to continuous quality improvement.  Learning is a critical building block or organizations, and should involve continuous learning. People learn in many ways including reading and having conversations with other workers. We need to study learning in organizations because we often do not use what we have learned. Organizational members need to share and value knowledge. It is also important to carefully evaluate the knowledge we acquire. A learning organization can provide better service because of the acquired knowledge. Learning is energizing, and therefor welcome in an organization. Run Time: 4:57

Macy’s Culture: What it’s Like to Work at Macy’s


Organizational culture is covered in pages 323-330 of the text. Although this video has been produced as a promotional device for employee recruitment, it provides insight into how employees react to the organization’s culture. The video emphasizes that when you join Macy’s, you become part of a team that is deeply committed to serving its customers and embracing diversity as a valuable strength. The video features workers from a variety of demographic and cultural groups. Among the many themes touched on are the value of people, teamwork, fun, a family atmosphere, and meaningful work. Run Time: 2:52

A Learning Organization.png
A Learning Organization


The learning organization is described on pages 347-349 of the textbook, and the video is close in content to the building blocks of the learning organization presented on pages 349-350.  A learning organization encourages personal mastery and cultivates open feedback to see problems and opportunities at all levels. Learning organizations often attract and retain talent, and may have a competitive advantage. Six characteristics of a learning organization are described next. Run Time: 4:03