Andrew J. DuBrin

Video Labs: Chapter #11-Leadership in Organizations

Servant Leadership


Servant leadership is described on pages 230-231 of the textbook.  This inspiring video touches on my aspects of servant leadership, as well as other types of positive leadership practices that are not exclusively servant leadership, such as empowering and motivating others. Among the many ideas contained in the video are as follows: The servant leader goes beyond normal leadership by creating positive changes, empowering others, leading by example, and having trust and integrity.


The servant leader makes an impact on society, and helps others get ahead, and will help others in need, and encourage employees to do volunteer work. This style of leader makes a difference, partly by connecting people with their purpose. At his or her best, the servant leader creates positive changes in the world.

Run Time: 3:43

Seven Qualities of a Charismatic Leader


Charismatic leadership is covered in pages 238-241 of the textbook. Developing the seven qualities of a charismatic leader described in this video would help a person become charismatic, or further develop his or her charisma. The seven qualities are as follows: (1) Strength of personality (includes passion).  (2) Vision (must include a compelling description of where you are headed. (3) Simplified speech (understandable speech that includes anecdotes and stories).  (4) Strong feelings (a leader’s strong feelings are transmitted to others). (5) Creation of emotional bonds (charisma is an emotional relationship between the leader and followers).  (6) Search for the spotlight (the charismatic leader stays on stage, and wants to be recognized). (7) Claims higher principles (a good charismatic is highly moral and ethical).Run Time: 5:56

Ford Motor Company: The Men Who Built America: Traits of a Titan


The traits, characteristics, and behaviors of leaders are covered in pages 223-231 of the textbook. This video highlights the accomplishments of Henry Ford, as perceived by business leaders of about fifteen to twenty years ago, such as Steve Case, Jack Welch, and Carly Fiorina (yes, the same woman who wanted to be president of the United States).  Ford could see possibilities that others could not see, such as the democratization of personal transportation. As with other business leaders of his time, he had the courage to take great risks, and was willing to fight rules and regulations to launch his company. The influence of Henry Ford was so enormous that he is regarded as the person who changed manufacturing as well as America. Run Time: 3:40

Transformational Leadership.png
What Is Transformational Leadership?


Transformational leadership is described on pages 252-253 of the textbook. The video presenter begins by stating that ineffective leaders use coercive power to influence others, and transnational leaders motivate and influence others through administering rewards. Run Time: 2:42