Andrew J. DuBrin

Video Labs: Chapter #3-Learning, Perception, and Values

MOOCs and Beyond


This video presents a concise and informative overview of MOOCs. As mentioned on page 43 of the text, these courses are designed to give hundreds of thousands of students across the world to take courses free and outside of a university program. MOOCs capitalize on the modern need for connectivity and collaboration. One of the persons cited states that MOOCs are a game changer for higher education. The vast majorities of people who take a MOOC already have a degree and are looking to expand their knowledge, including job-relevant information. Run Time: 3:43

Value Your Workplace Values: Humor at Work


Michael Kerr delivers a brief but highly meaningful message about values in the workplace: When it comes to workplace values, actions speak louder than words. For example, most people say they value teamwork, but are they good team players in reality?  Kerr also uses the cliché, “Walk the talk” in a meaningful way. Company executives as well as other workers throughout the organization must practice the values they preach, such as providing excellent customer service when the company claims that “We value our customers.” Run Time: 2:21

Don't blame others.png
Stop Blaming Others –Motivational Video


This motivational video deals squarely with the importance of accepting responsibility for your own results, and stop blaming others for your lack of success. Blame as an attribution is described on page 55 of the text book. In an emotional and forceful manner, the presenter keeps hammering at the point of becoming a victor and not a victim by blaming yourself for major negative developments in your life. Although the message is directed mostly at personal life, it also applies to job behavior. Run Time: 5:47