NEGOTIATIONS & CONFLICT RESOLUTION: Theories, Skills, & Applications 
Andrew J. DuBrin

Online Video Labs & Student Worksheets

CHAPTER ONE - An Overview of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution


How to Negotiate Salary Offer for New Job—Six Salary Negotiation Techniques

Incivility—Disrespect at Work Place

CHAPTER TWO - Suggestions for Productive Negotiation

Playing Positive Office Politics

Dr. Daniel Shapiro: How Do You Handle Emotions in Negotiation?

How Do You Deal with Anger in Negotiations? /Anger by Design VLOG

CHAPTER THREE - Negotiation Skills

How to Be More Persuasive

The Top Three Negotiation Skills of Persuasive People/Brian Tracy

Emotionally Intelligent Negotiations

CHAPTER FOUR - Basic Negotiation Tactics

Negotiation Skills: 3 Simple Tips on How

to Negotiate

How to Negotiate a Contract: Negotiation Tips and Techniques

Developing and Strengthening Your BATNA

CHAPTER FIVE - Advanced Negotiation Tactics

The Harvard Negotiation Method

Breaking News “Toys ‘R’ Us Canada draws $300 M ‘Stalking Horse’ Bid from Fairfax Financial

How to Deal with Impasse and the Walk-Away in Negotiations by Nick Psyhogeos

CHAPTER SIX - International and Cross-Cultural Negotiation

Difference in Negotiation and Conflicts

Cultural Conflict: Personal Values

Negotiation: Skills to Build Better Relationships

CHAPTER SEVEN - Ethics in Negotiation

Ethics and Negotiation by Giuseppe Conti

Unethical Behavior & Tactics in


The Ethical Dimensions of Competitive Negotiation

CHAPTER EIGHT - Traditional Types and Sources of Conflict

Work-Family Conflict: A Modern Phenomenon

Workplace Violence: The Early Warning Signs

Sexual Harassment Prevention Made Simple Training Video

CHAPTER NINE - Basic Techniques for Resolving Conflict

“Anger Room” Truly a Good Outlet for Anger?

Conflicts in the Workplace: Sources & Solutions

How to Reframe Conflict

CHAPTER TEN- Advanced Techniques for Resolving Conflict

Open Door Policy & Chain of Command

How to Manage Cross-Cultural Conflict

Concepts Unwrapped/Conflict of Interest

CHAPTER ELEVEN - Dealing with Incivility, Difficult People, and Criticism

Workplace Incivility: The Silent Epidemic

5 Tips for Dealing with Narcissists at Work

How to Deal with Difficult People        

Arbitration Explained

We Are Going to Have to Conduct a Formal Grievance Procedure. What Do
We have to Do?

Workplace Mediation: Case Studies

CHAPTER TWELVE - Third-Party Resolution of Conflict