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Video Labs: Chapter #3-Genetics, Prenatal Development, and Birth

Conception to Birth.jpg
Conception to Birth – Visualized  Alexander Tsiaras


This video shows imagery of fertilization, cell division, and various milestones of prenatal development throughout the germinal, embryonic, and fetal stages of development. For reference, the germinal stage is 0-2 weeks post-conception; embryonic stage is 2-8 weeks post-conception; fetal stage is 9 weeks post-conception to birth. This video includes some minor imagery of birth (a combination of life footage and animation). Run Time: 9:37

Down Syndrome.jpg
Down Syndrome: Attitudes and Expectations

This is an interview with a doctor at Boston Children’s Hospital who talks about the genetics of Down syndrome, the life course of someone with Down syndrome and their family, and his own experiences having a sister with Down syndrome. Run Time: 7:41