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Video Labs: Chapter #12-Physical and Cognitive Development in Early Adulthood

Minority Students in College.jpg
Some Challenges Minority Students Face in College + How To Overcome Them

This is a video in which a medical student, Gabby, discusses some issues that she experienced as a minority in a college/medical school setting. Though she is discussing her own personal experiences, many of the things she discusses are issues that minorities face in college – particularly in primarily white institutions. Run Time: 7:53

Sexuality Education - Al Vernacchio at TEDx WakeForestU

In this video, Al Vernacchio, a comprehensive sex educator, talks about some of the issues surrounding sexuality. This is a long video, but goes into several issues about how we approach sexuality and sex education versus how we SHOULD approach sexuality and sex education. This longer video was chosen primarily because it addresses complex issues about how we think about sexuality, and these issues are very rarely addressed in real life or in classrooms (even in sex education classrooms). Run Time: 3:30