CHILD & ADOLESCENT DEVELOPMENT: A Chronological Approach, Sixth Edition 

Video Labs: Chapter #9-Cognitive Development during Early Childhood



This is a brief overview of the mechanics of breastfeeding along with benefits to both child and mother. Run Time: 2:32

Object Concept VOE Ramp Study Baillargeo
Object Concept VOE Ramp Study Baillargeon


This video shows Dr. Renee Baillargeon discussing object permanence and demonstrating an object permanence task with a baby. Run Time: 2:33

Theory of Mind.jpg
Theory of Mind – Uta Frith

This video shows Dr. Uta Frith discussing how we theorize what others are thinking, feeling, and believe. She discusses Theory of Mind and how it relates to the autism spectrum, social interactions, and mentalizing vs empathy. Run Time: 10:55

Demonstration of Theory of Mind.jpg
A Simple Map of Typical “Theory of Mind” Development

This video shows Dr. Alison Gopnik demonstrating Theory of Mind tasks and discussing how Theory of Mind develops over the course of early childhood. The demonstrations show that children cannot conceive of other’s thoughts, beliefs, ideas, perceptions, and preferences. It is not until children are well into early childhood that they can reliably complete these tasks (depending on the task, cognitive maturation, and experiences of a given child). Run Time: 4:46