CHILD & ADOLESCENT DEVELOPMENT: A Chronological Approach, Sixth Edition 

Video Labs: Chapter #6-Cognitive Development during the First Two Years



This is a brief overview of the mechanics of breastfeeding along with benefits to both child and mother. Run Time: 2:32

Object Concept VOE Ramp Study Baillargeo
Object Concept VOE Ramp Study Baillargeon


This video shows Dr. Renee Baillargeon discussing object permanence and demonstrating an object permanence task with a baby. Run Time: 2:33

visual cliff .jpg
Babies on the Brink

This video shows the visual cliff task and variations on the classic visual cliff with children of different ages and locomotive abilities. Researcher Dr. Karen Adolph discusses her work investigating how babies and young children approach visual cliffs, actual cliffs, slopes, and “bridges” differently based on locomotive experience. Run Time: 5:30