CHILD & ADOLESCENT DEVELOPMENT: A Chronological Approach, Sixth Edition 

Video Labs: Chapter #15-Cognitive Development during Adolescence



This is a brief overview of the mechanics of breastfeeding along with benefits to both child and mother. Run Time: 2:32

Object Concept VOE Ramp Study Baillargeo
Object Concept VOE Ramp Study Baillargeon


This video shows Dr. Renee Baillargeon discussing object permanence and demonstrating an object permanence task with a baby. Run Time: 2:33

Moral Judgement.jpg
The Neuroscience behind Moral Judgements

In this video, Alan Alda interviews Dr. Rebecca Saxe regarding her research on how people make moral judgements of other’s moral actions. Her research is also demonstrated. Run Time: 10:30

Teenage Brain.jpg
Inside the Teenage Brain – The Wiring of the Brain (Cognition)

In this video, Dr. Jay Giedd discusses some of his research utilizing fMRI to investigate the brain development occurring over the course of childhood and adolescence. There are also interviews with teenagers demonstrating some of the changes in behavior that result from brain changes. Run Time: 7:14 Clip begins at 10:29 and goes to 17:43 (and is marked).