CHILD & ADOLESCENT DEVELOPMENT: A Chronological Approach, Sixth Edition 

Video Labs: Chapter #11-Physical Development during Middle Childhood



This is a brief overview of the mechanics of breastfeeding along with benefits to both child and mother. Run Time: 2:32

Object Concept VOE Ramp Study Baillargeo
Object Concept VOE Ramp Study Baillargeon


This video shows Dr. Renee Baillargeon discussing object permanence and demonstrating an object permanence task with a baby. Run Time: 2:33

Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment of ADHD in Children

This video shows Dr. Dehra Harris discussing the symptoms and treatment options for ADHD. Run Time: 3:49

Childhood Obesity.jpg
Childhood Obesity | In Defense of Food | PBS Food

This is a clip from In Defense of Food discussing childhood obesity in general. A boy, Anthony, and his family are featured to demonstrate how parents sometimes mistakenly make poor food choices and how to combat childhood obesity. Run Time: 4:14