Chapter 14: Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders

How I Overcame Alcoholism | Claudia Christian | TEDx London Business School


Chapter 14 discusses topics surrounding addiction and delves into various aspects that may affect addiction and addictive behaviors. Whereas there are many variables that may be at play at any given time, substance use disorders typically involve great internal struggle. Claudia Christian gives a TED talk about her overcoming alcoholism, describing the hardships and desperation she faced prior to her eventual success. Run Time: 14:43

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How Fighting addiction on Pine Ridge reservation


Whiteclay, Nebraska is a tiny unincorporated town that sits on the border with South Dakota. Until its closure by state officials, its four liquor stores sold more than 4m cans of beer a year, almost entirely to members of Lakota Sioux tribe on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation, where the sale of alcohol is banned. The Guardian spent time on the reservation to understand the impact of alcohol on its residents – and the activists and Lakota tribe members determined to keep the town closed. Run Time: 11:07