Video Labs: Chapter #9-Interpersonal Attraction and Close Relationships

Sweaty T-Shirts and Human Mate Choice


This video discusses how evolutionary psychology applies to human mate selection. Evolutionary psychology is a relatively new discipline in psychology that looks at biological factors in social behavior and how those behaviors evolved and affect behavior. The evolutionary approach is not very popular in traditional psychology circles. The video also shows a brief overview of an experiment in which women smell tee shirts of different men. The women preferred the smells of men whose immune genes were different from their own. According to evolutionary psychology, this makes sense because it gives offspring a better chance of resisting disease and surviving. Run Time: 3:12

Lookism: The Unspoken Prejudice


Chapter 9 presents information showing that physically attractive people have an advantage over less attractive people in a number of situations. Generally, attractive people are viewed as being "better" than less attractive people, or "what is beautiful is good." This video discusses "lookism" which is a term that relates to the physical attractiveness effect discussed in Chapter 9. The video discusses situations in which attractive people are treated more positively than less attractive people. Run Time: 5:10