Video Labs: Chapter #5-Attitudes

John Stossel - Campus Speech Codes


In this video, John Stossel discusses speech codes on college campuses. In chapter 5 the issue of ideology is discussed. Ideology is essentially a person's world view that colors how information and issues are perceived. An ideology can also contribute to a "climate" in an organization or group. There is research supporting the idea that on many college campuses a Liberal political ideology dominates, especially in the humanities and social sciences. Evidence shows that campus speakers are much more likely to have a left-leaning ideology and that college professors overwhelmingly contribute to left-leaning political candidates. In an address by Jonathan Haidt at the 2010 Society for Personality and Social Psychology Conference he demonstrated that social psychologists are overwhelmingly left-wing. Follow-up research showed that social psychologists expressed that they would discriminate against conservative authors and job applicants. This ideological climate can affect how students behave and relate to one another. That is the topic discussed in this video.Run Time: 8:33

Agenda Setting in Broadcast News Part 1


This video explores one of the two levels of agenda setting in the news media: first level agenda setting. In first level agenda setting the news media tells us which stories are important. As indicated in the text and online Power points, which stories make it to the evening newscast or make the front page of the newspaper are not determined randomly. Instead, a group of editors and/or producers meet and decide which stories are important and should be featured in the media. The video follows the development of a story for a newscast. Run Time: 13:04