Video Labs: Chapter #4-Prejudice and Discrimination

Stereotypes -- Stossel in the Classroom


In this video, John Stossel discusses and shows a number of demonstrations of the stereotype threat phenomenon. In chapter 4, stereotype threat was defined as the effects of stereotypes (both positive and negative) on person identified with a particular group (e.g., race, gender, ethnicity). Research shows that if there is a negative stereotype about one's group and a person is required to do something relating to that stereotype (e.g., taking a math test) that person will perform more poorly on the task if the stereotype is activated than if the stereotype is not activated. Run Time: 6:01

What Would You Do? Bike Theft (White Guy, Black Guy, Pretty Girl)


This video is an excerpt from the ABC News show "What Would You Do?" In it unwitting people are exposed to an actor who is behaving as if he is stealing a bike chained to a pole. The catch is that some passersby see a white actor and others see a black actor. The reactions, as you might expect, to the bicycle thief are vastly different depending on the race of the actor. When the actor was white passersby assumed that the bike belonged to the actor or maybe even was a park employee. When the actor was black passersby quickly gathered around the actor and quickly called the police. Obviously, the passersby assumed that the black actor was stealing the bike. I think this is a good demonstration of "implicit racism" which was defined in Chapter 4 as subtle racism that can affect how we perceive a situation and people in that situation. Run Time: 4:41