Video Labs: Chapter #2-The Social Self

Endless Memory, Part 1


Chapter 2 defines autobiographical memory as memory for events that have a powerful effect on us. Everyone has autobiographical memories. However, some can recall more life events than do others. This video explores a recently discovered type of autobiographical memory called “superior autobiographical memory”. People with this type of autobiographical memory have extraordinary memories of events that happened in their lives. Run Time: 13:34

Impact of Culture on Self-Concept and Relationships with Others


Chapter 2 explores the self and the various aspects of the self. It also explores the forces that help shape one’s self-concept. Among these forces is one’s culture. Some cultures place more emphasis on individual factors, while others focus more on collective factors. These different cultural emphases help shape a person’s individual self-concept. In this video, teenager Ashwini Kulkami describes how her culture helped shape her self-concept and her relationships with others. Run Time: 10:57