Video Labs: Chapter #12-Applying Social Psychology: Law, Business, and Health

Elizabeth Loftus: The Fiction of Memory


Chapter 12 presents information on the psychology of the eyewitness. Although eyewitnesses can be confident of their observations and juries tend to believe them, eyewitness testimony can be fraught with problems relating to the conditions under which the witness viewed a crime and the frailties of human memory. Elizabeth Loftus is one of the most prominent researchers on eyewitness memory and the factors that can affect it. Her research shows that a variety of factors can influence an eyewitness’ memory and distort it so that it may not be accurate. In this video, Loftus discusses some of these factors that can affect an eyewitness’ memory of an event he or she witnessed. Run Time: 17:36

Stress and the Brain: Jaime Tartar at TEDxNSU


Chapter 12 discusses the relationship between stress and health. According to the chapter, stress can have serious health consequences for a person, including illness. Fortunately, there are ways to cope with stress that can reduce the negative health issues. This video presents a lecture by Dr. Jamie Tartar on stress, its effects, and how to reduce stress. Run Time: 14:42